Yoga Nature Camp

Summer Yoga Nature Camp

Weeks: June 25-29th, July 23rd-27th & Aug 27th-31st
10:30 AM-2:30 PM each day. 

Offering 3 weeks of camp for children ages 8-13 to realign to their nature and learn more about themselves and their needs.  Each day will include yoga, life lessons, lunch (bring your own), time outside, and group process while focusing on relationships and being authentic.

Daily Themes:  
Monday Medicine (learning your habits and what animal medicine may be part of you)
Tuesday Tracking and Trash pick up
Wednesday in the Woods.. all day…play day
Thankful Thursday.. we all do what we love & create for others if inspired
Friday Fire to collect what we have learned about nature and most importantly our own nature

Realigning to Our Nature and understanding who you are, in relation to the world.  Relationships are the base of how we become who we are!  Through Interaction and response we learn ourselves and others.  During the busy school year, we don’t always have time to check in and process.  We react, we push, we numb and we keep going.  Our intention is to provide a safe space with creative opportunities to express and just be so we can begin to integrate all that has happened and learn more about our own nature.  Knowing what you need and developing practices to self soothe and share when needed are essential to resilience.  Resilience is a key component to surviving on the path to thriving.  During our time we will practice yoga, learn through nature, listen, laugh, play and process when needed.

1-week rate: $150; all 3 weeks: $450; drop-in rate: $35 per day.
Parenting support groups coming soon.
Sign up via email  

Growing guide:

Madeline Thompson MA LPC LCADC aka Groweesha

Madeline has a counseling degree and started all of her schooling when she was a stay at home mom… motivated by the love of children. While working for five years as a preschool teacher she became aware of the dynamics that shape a children’s belief about themselves. Her current work with families, couples and individuals and whatever blocks harmony is rooted in awareness of our patterns and the contracts we make with others to create the illusion of security. Madeline suggests the most anchored secure place we all have is living in union with our body and soul connected to the source of all that grows (mother earth).  Our beliefs can harshly interrupt that natural phenomenom.

Madeline believes that how we think of ourselves and treat ourselves creates the flow that grows us.  We are all responsible for growing ourselves as strong brave trees. Madeline’s goal is to aid our youth in acquiring the tools to be human while remembering the natural intelligence that connects us all.

Thoughts about First week of Camp:

Oh, oh, oh it’s magic, you know.
Never believe it’s not so.
its magic you know
never believe its not so.

 What you need is all around.
It grows from the ground.
We must learn to blend.
We are all one in the end.
Using your power to harmonize.
Not Fight.
Oh, oh, oh it’s magic, you know.  Never believe it’s not so.

The children and I played with this song and the lyrics as we learned more about our nature through a daily class of Yoga, time in the woods, and lots and lots of play.
The magic is the way all things grow in harmony and we were each inspired with wisdom to meet the places in our selves that were out of tune.
Thank you to the children and we have several slots available for the other two weeks offered this summer:
July 23rd-27th and Aug 27th-31st
The conversations were open, authentic and served to offer us many opportunities to each see ourselves and habits.
 I was so impressed by there awareness and we are eager to meet more children who are inclined to use nature, yoga, time in the woods and more who they really are.
The free play and the made up stories about what they found reminded me of my days of playing and creating in the woods.  May this be just the beginning of children back to their nature and harmony back to homes.

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