Summer 2012 Featured Artist

Elaine Boucher

Elaine Boucher is a photographer from Maine, now living in Northwest NJ. Her passion for photography began as a child, she always had a camera in her hand. As a young adult, she began taking photography classes and working in a darkroom. Today Elaine continues to hike and travel, capturing images of the natural world along the way, especially animals, flowers, insects and trees. Recently Elaine’s floral photography was featured during a concert called “Music In Bloom” in Morristown, NJ.

Elaine’s work will be displayed at Growing With The Seasons from June 20th until September 20th.
Viewing times are:
Sundays 1 till 5
Mondays 2 till 6
Wednesdays 4 till 7
Friday nights 7 till 11

please click image below to see slideshow…

Elaine Boucher