Summer Message

Summer Message

You are the seed!!!

I am standing in my life as I notice all the options that are dancing in the field of possibilities.
A consistent message being offered in harmonious stimulating ways that whispers of our ability to choose and create our own reality.
The winds of change blowing in the all directions.
The options are waiting to be engaged by your focus….
Summer is a time of expansion, late nights, barn fires, music making and parties.
Where is your focus? 
Our focus is the key to what comes next. the law is what we focus on is what expands in our lives.
The trick is, there is an extensive library of information alive in my sub conscious that will happily use the trained monkey that looks like me to live out my life in repetitive pattern, as a means of survivial.

At Current:
I have been exposed to enough books, people, conversations, inspiring emails, blogs, and poems from all different places that collectively announce that there is no room for blame or projection as an excuse for being any less than what I choose.
So…the challenge lies in helping to direct the thought pattern with messages of a new world.
No longer allow the “oh poor me,” or “another day another dollar” thoughts to enter the sacred temple of your soul.

Early in the morning before you are fully awake, or late at night as you drift away use the executive functioning of your mind to sing a song of renewal.

Like…I am disease free,
I am living in harmony with all things,
I am living the course of my destiny
There is no us and them, 
we are one,
I am,
I am an artist 
I create from my soul
We are all connected to the same source of all that grows
This day will provide me for all I need to live my truth
All is well.

Find your words inside of you and use them to grow you into your full bloom.

I saw a fun bumper sticker.  It said.

God is looking for spiritual fruit not religious nuts.
So ask yourself when you are caught in a looping thought.
Will this grow fruit?  

Groweesha, June 2012   Check out our Summer Specials 2012

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