Madeline Thompson


Madeline Thompson MA, LCADC, LPC
is Groweesha

My intention is to serve all who choose to find the way to grow, those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and those who know deep inside that there is a bigger picture.

My life, like many others, has been a series of challenges intertwined with many lessons and opportunities for growth.  My inspiration to grow, learn and become has come from all of my relations but if truth be told the four boys whose hearts love me so unconditionally and mirror me all the time, my four sons, have been and continue to be my greatest teachers.

I have earned a masters degree in Counseling from Montclair State University and I have also completed course work to be recognized as an addiction specialist.  Before completing these degrees and often times while working towards them I served as a bartender in various restaurants around the area.  Honestly, I’m not sure whether school or life has taught me more, but the combination has served me well.

I meet with families, adolescents, young adults, and couples, anyone who is ready to see who they are in relation to the world.  Through counseling and many other various forms of therapy we will learn to move through the roles, expectations, fears, and conditioning that support the habits that limit us.



Completed Complex Trauma Training Program in 6/09 in NYC

Masters in Counseling from Montclair State University, May 2006.

Bachelors of the Arts Degree (1999) from Montclair State University

Major: Psychology Minor: Women’s Studies

L.C.A.D.C.  (Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, NJ)

Call Madeline: (973) 222-6762

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My Vision:

As far as I can tell we are creatures of habit.  Each one of us develops our own habits in order to soothe our desire to feel safe.  The desire for safety is often met with control, which stems from a disconnection from the source of all that grows. When we allow this sense of disconnection to permeate our thoughts and beliefs we become slaves to our fear. Over time the fear is able to convince us that we need to protect ourselves.  The habits that we develop are our ways of protecting ourselves, or maintaining control.

“Our fear will master us or we will master our fear but there will be a master!” -Unknown

Often the habit (or addiction) limits us.  Our mission here at the center is to break free of the fear that binds us, and inspire others to do the same.   We believe that by becoming aware and helping others to become aware of these habits we can forge a path that supports the sprouting of each individual’s divine nature.  By committing ourselves to this path we will discover ourselves in a new way and learn to nurture the seed within each of us.

We cannot control the weather, the events, or the challenges that come.  What we can do is meet them with faith in the natural intelligence of the living organism that we are all a part of. We can brave the storms by remembering that this too shall pass and by allowing ourselves to let go with ease and grace. Living and thriving as 1 HEART !!!


Groweesha is a name that I’ve given to my creative essence.  She was born out of the part of me that wondered “what would a tree do? ” To me, it represents the soul longing to be expressed.  Longing to become more than stories and accomplishments in the gameboard of life.  She reminds me to be myself and do what’s right for me.  She inspires me to laugh and dance and I am eternally grateful to her.

My Prayer:

Great Spirit, help me to stay connected to the Mother Earth.