Developing Awareness Groups

Developing Awareness Group

This multi-modality group is for people in transition.  Modalities include tuning in with breathe, sharing from the heart and collective process and movement for relief.  All adult ages welcome.

Cervasana (resting pose), the Sigh, the walk around the block are all about slowing down and listening. Life’s events can really take a toll on us, The tendency is to “suck it up”, keep moving… which works… until something says STOP!! I am not happy, what happened? Am I the only one who can’t do it? Whats Wrong with Me? Am I broken, can I be fixed?

You are human and living during a time of ignorance about how to grow and create a joyful human experience.
Together we honor and GROW through the SPACES BETWEEN!

Where are You Coming From?                                                                            Where are You Going?

• Intensive outpatient                                                                                               • Develop healthy relationships

• Inpatient treatment                                                                                                • Achieve more mental stability

• Stressful relationships                                                                                           • Express yourself more honestly

• Withdrawal, Depression, Anxiety                                                                           • Increase self-awareness

                                                                                                                                • Less symptoms, better health

To join a group, contact Madeline at: (973) 222-6762 or email us at: