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We provide holistic psychotherapy for children, teens and adults as you grow through the stages of your lives. Therapy is a relationship where the goal is unique to you. Our job is to provide services and a space to sort and realign with your truth. The relationship becomes a mirror to reflect clarity and acceptance so each and every one of us can grow through our challenges to a place where we feel the most vibrant and alive. Our promise is to be creative, patient, loving, honest and careful while you sort it out to get yourself back on track. It is an honor to share in your hearts story.

Madeline Thompson, LPC, LCADC (more about Madeline)

Dani Allen, Certified Hypnosis Coach


What prevents you from living your best life? Do anxiety, fear or negative habits keep you from moving forward? Do your emotions overwhelm you? Is your self-image what you’d like it be, or does your inner critic run the show? I am a hypnotherapist, life coach, speaker, and the creator of Real Beauty: Uncovered. The focus of my work is empowering people to step into their most confident, happy and authentic selves. Empowerment comes in many different forms, but it always involves becoming more self-aware. That means bringing awareness to the thoughts, beliefs, habits and emotions that don’t serve us. Deep down most of us know that we should lead healthier lives, take better care of ourselves and actively pursue our goals, yet it’s almost as though some invisible force keeps us stuck in a place of inaction, negative emotion and unsupportive habits. That invisible force is the subconscious mind. It’s the subconscious that guides 95% of our thoughts and behaviors. And while it helps us in many ways, this part of the mind also clings to limiting patterns that can be very difficult to overcome through our conscious willpower alone. Fortunately, using the right tools you can leverage the subconscious to let go of self-sabotaging behaviors and create new a blueprint for success in alignment with your heart’s truest desires. Based on your particular needs and goals, I’ll offer various powerful therapies, techniques and practices to help you release fears, boost inspiration and motivation, and find greater peace and confidence. Together, we’ll create the space for breakthroughs to occur. You deserve to be free of the old patterns holding you back from achieving your dreams. Whatever your current situation looks like, you have the ability to overcome your challenges and live an inspired and joyful life. I invite you to reach out to book a session o we can discuss how to jump start your best life today.
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Inner Faith


My truth revealed a little at a time, through the mirrors of my world, so divine. Slowly and timely I learn to trust AND believe in me I grow in Inner Faith.


Faith from within is the kind you can’t touch.  You can only listen and watch in awe.

  Watch in the mirrors all around – grow in the light – reveal yourself – reveal eachother.

The way I see it is, it is time to grow

Grow from earth to sky

With the earth as our mother

 and the sky as our father

So we may know the peace within

The peace that speaks to your heart and grows you

To be the most authentic expression of intelligence you can be

We have faith in you

The you on the inside,

the you who is like no other,

A true work of art!!

Inner Faith Productions – Sky is the Limit!

The story, an illusion, a self, created, who will navigate. As we grow we choose from the bank of possibilities.  The tendency to imitate is strong and so we fall in line, generation after generation, repeating patterns and habits that usually do not serve. Re New ALL ….hope from within (recipe for renewal) , a free will awareness, connection to the source of all that grows, ability to see yourself in everything/everyone around you.  Wake up to the limitations and grow through them.  Be grateful for all the ways the illusion of safety has been created.  Thank everyone for doing their part in the story of your heart. Imagine your heart a flower longing to bloom. Can you see the first 3 chakras, like a stem, holding form and allowing flow from the deeper system of connection A call from the inner voice to seal all leaks and to remove all blockages so the path is clear to express. Once aligned in connection and hope, then harness the flow, the current focused, penetrated to push through the story. The life force pulsing from below, through the stem to support the moving of the essence, seed of truth that expresses the divinity within you. Imagine roots that hold and host, Ground and then reach for the sky.  Your heart the meeting place where the flame, radiating, Lives in the center of you. Above Below Within…… Connection to all! even your neighbor, your mother, your dog. You get it. Imagine us all living in harmony, just like the forest. If we can think it we can create it so as we imagine we grow the possibility. As you hold this you can bring that harmony into your job, your home, your family, your relationships. We all start to move from blame, projection, fear, and illusion into a faith for one another.  A trust in possibility.  We believe in each other, we use the mirrors to reveal, we grow stronger in awareness as we have less to defend or hide. Now aware that the illusion of separation between us is at a grave cost we begin learning the universal truths of nature to understand our nature. We are magical co creators with the intelligence that grows all.  We work in harmony and then we get to see what is really possible.  Best choice is always for the good of all. There is a solution that works for all.  We no longer need to defend, we instead need to negotiate, relate, contract to allow all to have what they need, a balance, eco – balance. ( like Jim and Basia say)  A conversation like  “Yes bugs, you can stay in my tree but please don’t take more than I can give or more than you need.  I will do my part and you do yours.  We both thrive, no need to fight for survival.  There is enough for all, growing tall.”  If we use our ability to relate, appreciate difference, allow the natural order to guide us from within.  As the story fades we are guided by our true nature and we soften, become supple, stronger.  The flexible nature, the wisdom to know just what to do to grow fruit, like the pumpkin vine, that wraps itself around the sturdiest object to insure the ability to hosts its fruit. Our beliefs are the most powerful aspect of ourselves so be sure you know and understand what you truly believe and test it to make sure it’s true.  Find out for yourself and then when you know it to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt, Break out!  To thine own self be true. We believe in you, the forest needs you and accepts you as you are, when you grow in harmony from within the magic can begin.