Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body Spirit Series:

  • Sisters on Your Side – Madeline will lead a weekly group focusing on the “yin and yang” of the emotional and rational mind.   The group will be starting up again in the fall; stay tuned for details.  

Sister’s on Your Side:
Living in a world that uses emotion to sell and to shame is not an easy trick for a woman. By nature we feel things deeply, it can be overwhelming. We feel and absorb so much by design. We are made of water, water holds the vibration and pulse of our world. The emotions are running high during these changing times. Let us come together to support the sisterhood and strengthen our ability to Be. Be Heard, Be Accepted, Be Funny, Be Creative, Be Strong, Be Interdependent, Be Grateful, Be Humble, Be Sisters!! We shall lift each other up to higher ground!  Please join us and bring your friends on Friday mornings at 10 am.  Sliding scale of $11- $33.

About Madeline:
Madeline Thompson, MA, LPC, LCADC aka Groweesha.  Madeline has a counseling degree and started all of her schooling when she was a stay at home mom… motivated by the love of children. While working for five years as a preschool teacher she became aware of the dynamics that shape a children’s belief about themselves. Her current work with families, couples and individuals and whatever blocks harmony is rooted in awareness of our patterns and the contracts we make with others to create the illusion of security. Madeline suggests the most anchored secure place we all have is living in union with our body and soul connected to the source of all that grows (mother earth).  Our beliefs can harshly interrupt that natural phenomenon.  Madeline believes that how we think of ourselves and treat ourselves creates the flow that grows us.  We are all responsible for growing ourselves as strong brave trees. Madeline’s goal is to aid our youth in acquiring the tools to be human while remembering the natural intelligence that connects us all.

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