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madeline1Madeline Thompson, MA, LCADC, LPC is co-creating with 


Growing With The Seasons is a nature based approach to knowing and growing and allowing the most authentic expression of your seed. Madeline is committed to serve humanity as a soul’s gardener to bring forth your brilliance. Her primary role has been to Mother and nurture others. through all experiences, rites of passage, and the opportunities for growth that come through crisis. It is Madeline’s intention to guide all who choose to pursue avenues of growth through challenge and who want to explore the bigger picture of life. Madeline holds a Master’s in Counseling from Montclair State University and is certified as an addiction specialist. She is unique with her language and is sure to inspire, meeting all with her heart.  Interested parties are invited to learn more about Madeline’s services by visiting the Therapy page or Madeline’s bio page.

Contact Madeline: (973) 222-6762 or growingwiththeseasons@gmail.com


Who Are We
and What Do We Do?

As a response to a world that promotes separateness and individualism, a philosophy has grown from the heart.

The basic tenets are quite simple. The base of the belief system is that there is and NEVER has been an us and them.


WE are ONE!!!

Yes there are many amazing deep spiritual practices that grow different sects of peoples but within their is a collective that harmonizes all things. It is our Heart.

The one heart that grows us all.

The current vision is to go out into the world and spread the simple truths while challenging all to come clean:

to release any and all bias toward yourself or another.

There is no ONE WAY

you are perfect when you


and so is everyone else it is merely a different path or

distraction than yours..

It is inspired from something else that exists in the collective.

some people have to play the bad guys in the movie.

you know 


Can you imagine telling a flower that it is growing wrong or

blooming at the wrong time.

The plan is to unlock the hold or concept that stagnates us.

One of my teachers, a small wise one, once noticed while witnessing parents fighting that people fall in love, get stuck and kids come like battery charges to get us unstuck.

Mad Wisdom!!

No better teachers that the little ones…

I believe this has to do with the way , the lens, in which we see life or believe love is supposed to look.

We use our energy to make things as we see them.

We forget to collaborate, discuss, negotiate the plan that works for the good of all.

there is always a plan that works for the good of all.

Takes time to learn each other , time to listen, to understand the real needs of the other remembering needs are

changing with ages and stages so the tendency to assume you know them is

simply arrogant .

After many years of working with families and growing one myself it seems like couples struggle to be authentic and ask for what they

truly need.

Do YOU ask for what you truly need?

Do you know what you need??

The role becomes what drives us and not for nothing but in my world there are some really strong tones being played to keep things as we want them.

we lock ourselves into an idea and take other as prisoners of our hearts movie forgetting the value of intimacy.

We invite you to Conversations of Truth with other who are navigating a similar terrain.

Meeting up with ages and stages so we can use the reflection of one another to buff each facet of the diamond within. the heart. 

the calendar will have places and ways to connect soon.

I promise!!!