Beginning March 12th the Brotherhood Men’s Group reunites for a six week winter to spring series

Begins Thursday March 12,2015 at 7PM

Beginning March 12th the Brotherhood Men’s Group reunites for a six week winter to spring series

Robert Bly in his book called “The Little Book of the Shadow” suggests that we all have a shadow. This shadow is the dark or an unappealing part of ourselves that we keep hidden in a shadow bag that we drag behind us. In this bag we put shame, guilt, pain or aspects of ourselves that may not meet approval like our sexuality, our anger, and our nurturing characteristics. We put things in the bag without even knowing it, essential things like compassion and forgiveness because the models we have followed have required it. These models were our parents, our teachers, our coaches. We learned these things through osmosis by observing what was being done around us.
There was a men’s movement in the 1990’s and here we are in 2015 and I for one didn’t learn , or get exposed to any of these ancient and essential practices that were re introduced.. I need these things. I need to be able to access my emotions in other ways than silence and anger. My wife is always saying to me that I’m yelling at her when I fell passionate about something. This is because I have unconsciously learned that anger, to a certain extent, is accepted and I have become comfortable in that emotion and unable to communicate with the other emotions. But now when I communicate something, even a small something with simple passion, it comes out aggressive. She is unable to fully listen because it is coming in at her angry and aggressive.
In order for men to come back into true power and light we need to find and empty out our shadow bags, address the things that we have locked out. A group of men together can open up themselves and provide the wisdom and support for each other.
In a men’s group we can explore better ways to communicate with truth and compassion, we can develop better relationship skills and overcome our past traumas that are weighing us down. Having a place to come and listen and share thoughts and vent or just spend quality time can be refreshing experience for us in our busy lives.


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