Aware Wolves

The Aware Wolves are:

  • Children 8 to 18 years of age
  • Learning to work as a team
  • Practicing relationship skills
  • Integrating meditation to the quiet the mind
  • Working with nature as a teacher
  • Developing awareness

Our Mission:

It is our mission to empower our youth and young adults through nature based activities that develop awareness and stronger sense of self while “bringing families back to nature and harmony back to homes”.

The Curriculum:

Week One, Awareness 1:  Sit Spot introduction, Sit Spot Mapping, Five Senses and Body Awareness

Week Two, Awareness 2: Journaling, Animal Names, Togetherness and Safety in Packs.

Week Three, Shelter 1: History and Types of Shelters, Reasons for Shelters and Shelter Design.

Week Four, Shelter 2: Discuss Shelter Progress, Journaling Updates and Sit Spot Stories

Week Five, Water:  The Water Cycle, Types of Water, Importance of Water, and Water Safety.

Week Six, Fire: Uses of Fire, Importance of Fire, Fire/Water Balance/Body, Physics of Fire, Dangers of Fire and Respect of Fire

Week Seven, Food: Food in Nature, Natural vs. Processed, Edible Plants, Hunting/Gathering, Farming/Harvesting, Food Chain

Week Eight, Storytelling:  History of Storytelling, Before Radio & TV, Famous Stories and their Lessons, Sit Spot Stories, Types of Stories

Week Nine, Music/Sounds in Nature:  Sit Spot Sounds, Similarities of Music and Nature, Music and Emotions

Week Ten, Celebration:  Journal Review, Reflection, Celebration, Awards

Free Intro to Aware Wolves in nature.  Hike and clear the way for what’s to come.  Open to children and families.  “No Child Left Inside.” & “Bringing families back to nature and harmony back to homes.”

Aware Wolves Gather: 

10-week Spring Program - Saturdays 12noon-2pm

Call for start date details (973) 222-6762

$20 drop-in rate for each SaturdayFamily Weekends and Day Trips will also be offered:

June 9th final climb/hike to celebrate the last day for the Spring series.

June 16th-17th Father’s Day Camping/Kayaking Trip.

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